Paranormal Round Table


Welcome to the Paranormal Round Table! 

Hi, my name is Connie Willis. I am a national television/radio host, a blogger for Huff Posts' Weird News and a long time investigator of High Strangeness. 
This is a social website for those that believe in paranormal activity,  are ready to discuss it on a level other than "is it real or not,” and that desire to learn the truth of  anomalies.
 I have noticed that most researchers in the same fields of the paranormal don’t always agree in theory, which leads me to this website.
I plan to interview two of the best experts of the paranormal field at the same time LIVE on a weekly basis having them back up their theories and answering the theories of another. Being this site is interactive you will have a chance to talk to them and ask questions too.

In the meantime, I encourage you to blog, share your evidence in video or picture form, create your own forums, groups, events and to talk amongst your paranormal selves. 
It’s my way of trying to pull the pieces of the puzzle together.


No Debunkers allowed!